Welcome to Forty2

In a competitive world Forty2 helps its clients define and answer many of the questions facing organisations today:

· How to increase business value through a more productive

· workforce

· How to enhance performance and motivate employees

· How to attract and retain the best people

· How to turn groups of individuals into high performance


Designed individually to meet the diverse and exacting needs of our clients’ business, Forty2 offers a comprehensive range of quality, bespoke performance solutions in the fields of:

· Leadership

· Management

· Sales

                            · Team development

The answer to everything: FORTY-TWO;

the only problem is you've never known 

what the question is.

Douglas Adams


More great feedback, this time from NaturalMotion's latest line-manager's programme:


"Thank you for the shared materials and for the course overall. It's so sad that it comes to its end. I think I learned more than from any other training in my life.


It helped me to understand people's motivations and developed skills of active listening an effective questioning.


The course provided a great foundation to self-development as a leader and provided a clear methodology on positive, future orientated and values driven management of a team.


Do you happen to run any other courses or trainings for NM? It would be really great to learn more from you J."

Forty2 is excited to be partnering with AXON Communications and its recently launched Consultative Selling initiative. We are developing and delivering a series of training modules designed to help all client facing staff cultivate the skills and behaviours required to identify and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrealise business development opportunities.

Great feedback from our recent leadership programme with Electric Square

Forty2 launches a new Instagram site

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