Bespoke classroom-based training

A skilled and motivated workforce is core to any organisation’s ambitions for growth, progress or competitive advantage. Operating in varied and dynamic market environments, many of our clients seek assistance with respect to specific market-driven people development issues.


Forty2 offers fully bespoke training programmes across the full range of disciplines, to help clients meet the people challenges to organisational progress. With an emphasis on quality, depth and impact, our programmes ensure a rapid and effective transfer of newly learnt skills and behaviours to the workplace.


We are proud of our reputation for extensive pre-course diagnosis and analysis and our pedigree in consultative programme development. Such an approach allows us to design and develop thematic programmes built with you, for you, ensuring market conditions, company objectives and individual needs are all encompassed and consistently in mind.


Our aim is to deliver programmes that are relevant and stimulating to the participants, result in lasting change in behaviour and practice, and above all drive your business forward.

Our areas of expertise:

Management and leadership

· Leadership

· Performance management

· Sales management

· Team leading

· Development and performance coaching

· Recruitment and selection

· Time management


Team development training

· In-situ teams

· Mixed teams


Sales training

· Strategic selling

· Consultative selling

· Account management

· Telesales

· Negotiation


Communications training

· Corporate communications

· Presenting