Development centre design and delivery

A perpetual challenge facing any organisation is the development and career growth of its individual employees: measuring an individual’s suitability for a current role, identifying associated development needs, and predicting suitability for a future role.


Forty2’s development and assessment centres objectively measure and observe employees’ abilities and behaviours under controlled conditions, and are carefully structured to reflect the challenges of their current or future roles.


Individually designed, our development and assessment centres can be used as stand-alone tools or as part of a structured development programme. Their design is based on either the traditional classroom-based format or our experiential activity-based model.


A key aim of the centres is for all participants to return to the workplace with a clearer view of their role within the organisation; a better understanding of their own strengths, weaknesses and areas requiring development; and a defined path for personal progression. For the organisation this means a more capable, focused and productive workforce and a well-defined plan for driving your staff and business forward to your next phase of evolution.


Our assessment and development centres have helped companies:

· Select key staff

· Build effective teams

· Develop succession plans

· Identify collective and individual development needs