Executive coaching

As a senior executive you face unique demands and challenges. In today’s competitive world, pressure exists at all levels to get more for less, and at none more so than the head of an organisation. Leaders are required to motivate, inspire creativity and lead employees towards a common business goal.


The Forty2 executive coaching process is a personal and individual service designed for people managers or business leaders with respect to these unique challenges. The process is structured to review your past performance, to assess your current strengths, motivations, obstacles and areas for enhancement and to provide ongoing support, exclusively tailored to help you achieve your future personal and business goals.

How can you benefit from executive coaching?

The programme can be designed for all tiers of management wishing to develop their skills as people managers or business leaders.


The exclusive service offers one-on-one mentoring from expert consultants to help executives quickly and effectively enhance their management skills, to increase productivity, inspire the delivery of high-performance from their staff, successfully manage others to ensure the continued growth and progress of the business, and progress their own careers. The programme can also be used to support leaders preparing for organisational change.

Our coaching process

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