SKILLSHOT™ clinics

Enhancing sales performance in a demanding market

Times are tough for sales professionals. Customers are ordering less, postponing sales decisions, trimming the number of suppliers, and reducing budgets. 


Traditional training is not always a practical solution. Sales people are reticent to devote days to training, preferring to optimise selling time and maximise customer-facing interaction. Budgets for training are limited.


Given these circumstances, how do you prepare your sales force to thrive in this demanding market? By using Forty2’s SKILLSHOT™ clinics. SKILLSHOT™ clinics are intensive, high energy, acutely focused performance clinics engineered to deliver the skills boost and motivation demanded of sales professionals in an economically depressed market.


Each SKILLSHOT™ clinic focuses on one critical aspect of selling in a demanding market.



Clinics are 2 hours in duration minimising time away from selling.


Cost effective

Accommodating up to twenty people, the skillshotTM solution keeps your spending low.



SkillshotTM clinics  can  be  run at  breakfast to  kick  start the day, at lunch time to   re-energise sales people for the afternoon shift, at the end of the day making productive use of that dead time post 4.00 pm, or as part of your sales meetings still leaving yourself enough time to complete the rest of your agenda.

SKILLSHOT™ clinics in summary

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SKILLSHOT™ clinics in detail

Surviving a tough market

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Building a robust pipeline

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Making cold calls count

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Managing the sales process

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Engaging your customers

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Developing a differentiating value proposition

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Negotiating in tough times

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Expanding your sphere of influence

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